Past Exhibits featured at the Door 3 Gallery

2015 Season

September  Nell Ma’luf – PORTALS

August  Glimore Tamny – Art by Gilmore Tamny

June  Lindsay Metivier – No Limit On The Worlds

2014 Season

September  Lillian Harden – SLUG

August  Laura Quincy Jones – WATERCOLORS AND WHEELS

July  Nell Ma’luf – SAFARI

May  Heather Kapplow & Liz Nofziger – FEELINGS

2013 Season

December Jordyn Bonds – FIND THE FRAME

September  Cathy Piantigini – Bathtub Marys of Somerville

August  Jill Comer – Tin Can Alley

July  Jim Waters – Paintings

June  The Democracy Center Drawing Group – Show and Sketch

May  Kevin Porter – Millions of Dead Terabytes

April  Neil Goodwin – Photographs, Off the Wall

March  Laurel Lhowe – acrylic paintings inspired by nature

2012 Season

November 8th – December 5th  James Weinberg – Make Ready, unique monoprints

October 11th – November 5th  Nightmare on Broadway – Group Show

August 2nd – October 5th   40th Anniversary Group Show – Happy Birthday Broadway

July 13th – August 1st  Ashlie Taylor – Back to the Drawing Board

June 7th – July 2nd  David Michael Curry –  Observations & little histories

May 10th – June 5th  Matthew Lazure – Mosaics

April 12th – May 5th  Kate Mills – Hallowed Hands

March 8th – April 10th  Neil Goodwin – Photography

February 10th – March 5th  Monster Jam with Michael Padgett