Jones Loop Bar

We just got in some Jones Loop 660 handlebars.  These bars give you really nice handling and comfort and a number of riding positions.  The Jones bars have been a big hit with the mechanics here so snatch them up before they do! IMG_0417 IMG_0418

David’s new custom All-City

We have been doing a few custom All-City bikes this season and they have been turning out great!  One of the shop’s longtime customers, David, decided he wanted a simple and sturdy commuter bike.  David decided on an All-City Space Horse frame and we built it up to to his specs.  We started off with a mustache bar to give him the riding positions that he wanted for his commute.  Then we added Paul cantilever brakes, a Sram 10 speed derailer paired with a single-ring suntour crank and bar end shifter.  David K -1To make it a great commuter we added hand-built wheels, Schmidt Edulux II front generator and Busch and Mueller rear generator lights, a rear rack and full stainless steel Velo-Orange fenders.  The bike is topped off with one of Brooks new Cambium Saddles.  Congratulations on your new bike David!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Broadway Bicycle School!! Left to right we have Elvis, The Krampus, the Caveman, Pirate Joe and 80′s rocker



Meet Colin’s Krampus!

This week we are talking with longtime Broadway mechanic, Colin!

What kind of biker are you? I commute, I like road biking, I like gravel biking, I like mountain biking- I like bikes!

What’s your commute like?  I go from Brighton to Cambridge so I take the Charles River Path on the south side of the river.  It’s about 5 and 1/2 miles each way.

So I understand that you have quite a collection of bikes, what do you currently have?  I have the All-City Space Horse, All-City Macho King, Surly Pacer, Traitor Cutlass and the Surly Krampus.

Wow you have it all covered with those!  What one is your favorite?  Probably the Macho King because it is the most versatile. I can do pavement, gravel and dirt.

You just got the Surly Krampus which looks very cool!  How do you like it?  It’s fun, it’s different, it just kind of eats terrain and rolls over everything.  It’s not really a fat bike because it has 29inch wheels and 3″ tires, Surly calls it a 29+.  It handles like a 29er but it’s definitely not as sluggish and unresponsive as a fat bike.  When you are running low PSI on the trails it feels like it has suspension.

Why Did you get the Krampus? I wanted a mountain bike but wanted something that would be practical for winter and snow riding.  I looked at the Karate Monkey also but ultimately decided the Krampus would be more fun.

In case you are wondering, Krampus is a creature from German folklore who is the anti-St. Nick.  Instead of rewarding good behavior he kidnaps naughty children and takes them away.  So if you are good this year maybe St. Nick will bring you a Krampus!





Slug: New Work by Lillian Harden in the Door 3 Gallery

The Door 3 Gallery is pleased to present new works by the local artist, Lillian Harden in September.  Harden’s sculptures find an appropriate home within the Broadway Bicycle School as they tease out distinctions between the decorative and the functional.  Traces of the human form reveal themselves as astheticized allusions to the memory of work, now to be regarded as fetish objects or perhaps institutional relics.  Join us for an up-scale blue-collar opening reception on Thursday, September 4th, from 7 to 9 PM.