No ifs, ands, or batteries

As the days get shorter, many of us here at Broadway are setting up our hub dynamo-powered lighting systems. Instead of relying on batteries (rechargeable or otherwise), these lighting systems draw power from an electrical generator in the front hub. You power the lights with your legs!

photo 3

Some advantages of a dynamo light set-up:

  • Never having to worry about your batteries running out.
    • Battery-operated lights tend to fail or blow through batteries more quickly in cold weather — exactly when you need them most often.
    • USB-rechargeable lights are getting brighter and hold their charges for longer than ever before, but if your commute is half an hour or more, they still have to be recharged a couple of times a week in the dead of winter.
  • No need to remember to remove the lights when you park your bike somewhere. These lights are less likely to get stolen than battery-powered lights partly because they bolt onto your bike and partly because they’re typically located in a less visible spot (right above the front wheel instead of on the handlebars).
  • Fumbling around with gloves on to flip the switches or push the buttons on conventional lights is a pain. A dynamo light is on when you’re riding and off when you park — no fumbling required.

We’ve done a bunch of custom light set-ups and would be happy to geek out with you about yours if you’re interested, but this year we’re also offering a package deal covering parts and labor for some high-quality Busch & Muller lights and a hand-built wheel with a Shimano generator hub. The package  has all you need to get going and starts at $350.


Bike Sale!!

All of our bikes (except the Brompton folding bikes) are 20% off!  Come in we have many Marin, Surly and All-City bikes in stock and special order bikes count too!  If you have had your eye on a special Surly or All-City that we don’t have in stock we can special order them and you still get 20% off.  Come by today and get out on a new bike while the weather is still nice!

PORTALS, new work by Nell Ma’luf in the Door 3 Gallery

The Door 3 Gallery (The tiny gallery inside the Broadway Bicycle School) is pleased to present “PORTALS, new work by Nell Ma’luf in the Door 3 Gallery.”  Local artist, Ma’luf, following her successful and popular show during the Door 3 Gallery’s 2014 season, returns with a fresh body of work.  Once again drawing on the techniques of the white thread running stitch of Japanese Sashiko embroidery, her new images reinterpret and seek to crystallize elements inspired by decorative images found around the doorways of the ancient City Palace in Jaipur, India. 

Stitching across culture, time and place, these enchanting embroideries arrive at their new contemplative location for an opening reception this Thursday, September 17th, 2015, from 7 to 9 PM.  Snacks and light refreshments in appropriately tiny glassware will be served.  Please join us!

Nell Ma'luf PORTAL embroadery detail

Labor day!

In celebration of Labor day we will be open tomorrow from 10am – 6pm!  See you then!

Tax Free Weekend!

If you have been thinking about buying a new bike or getting work done on your old bike this weekend is the time to do it!   August 15  & 16th are tax free in Massachusetts!  Stop by and save some money and also celebrate Broadways 43rd birthday with some cake on Saturday!  indfdddex