Tax Free Weekend!


This Saturday and Sunday is tax free weekend! Come down and grab a new bike or parts and skip out on the tax man.



Meet Tommy’s bike

Tommy-9Meet Tommy’s bike!  Tommy is a new mechanic here at Broadway.  Since he has started in April he has purchased about 6 new bikes- insane!
Today we meet his usual daily rider.
Hi Tommy- What kind of bike do you ride?

I ride the Salsa Fargo.  It’s a bit of an unusual bike-  It has a 29er wheel set on a road bike frame.  It’s designed for touring on places where there are no roads.

You updated it recently with some new bars I heard?  Yeah I put on drop bars with bar end shifters.  It cut a solid 10 minutes off my commute.

What do you like about your Salsa?  Probably the best part about it is its versatility.  I mean I ride it every day about 15 miles for my commute and this past weekend I went mountain biking with it.

Looks like you could fit really fat tires on it.  Yeah I have 2.1s on it now but they definitely could be bigger.  Actually in the front I have the enabler fork that is spaced at 135mm to fit in a rear wheel with a gigantic fat bike tire.

Now most people here at the shop ride skinny tire bikes, how come you ride a bike with relatively fat tires on your commute?  It’s way more comfortable!


Watercolors and Wheels

The Door 3 Gallery is pleased to present new works by the local artist, Laura Quincy Jones in August.  Her show, “Watercolors and Wheels,” features a series of limited edition reproductions of watercolor originals documenting the beauty and ephemerality of moments from the artist’s life and travels.  Lush colors and sensuous line-work convey the personal and emotional impact of her unique journey through the world.  Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, August 7th, from 7 to 9 PM.Watercolor image of three bicycles

New Classes

We just scheduled new Basic Classes class starting in September!  Come down and learn to fix your bike this fall!

Happy July 4th!

We will be closed this Friday in observance of Independence Day!  Have a happy and safe holiday!



SAFARI, new art in the Door 3 Gallery

The Door 3 Gallery is pleased to present new works by the local artist, Nell Ma’luf in the month of July.  Her show, “Safari,” features a series of hand-stitched meditations on time, memory, photography, and materiality.  Please join us on Thursday evening, July 3rd for an opening reception from 7 to 9 PM, or stop by to view the work during normal business hours at the Broadway Bicycle School.


Ma’luf on her work: “No matter what I’m doing, I’d almost always rather be traveling.  From hundreds of photos, a handful end up defining my memory of a place.  This collection of sashiko-inspired embroidery includes my favorite animals from safari in South Africa.  The rendering is an attempt to make the images unfamiliar, so that I can re-experience the original moment of what I saw.