Posted on May 9th, 2014 by Broadway Bicycle School

feelings image

For the month of May, 2014, space whisperer Liz Nofziger  and neurolinguistic acrobat Heather Kapplow  explore and invite you to explore the surfaces and interior machinations of Broadway Bicycle School’s most private and magical chamber.


Both ladies have done thorough explorations of similar rooms independently in the past, and now bring their collective force, not witnessed publicly since May 2, 2010, to bear on this worthy subject.


Their installation Feelings has already been in place for an indeterminate amount of time and will continue to evolve throughout the month, culminating (but not necessarily peaking) in a closing event on May 29th from 7 pm until 9 pm. But Kapplow & Nofziger invite you to visit Feelings anytime you find yourself in Cambridge and feel the urge to go.


Special thanks to Zumix, Linda Price-Sneddon, and to Todd Antonellis for his invaluable contributions to Feelings


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